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LAMDA (The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts) offer examinations in a variety of communication and performance subjects from 'Acting' and 'Musical Theatre' to 'Speaking in Public' and 'Speaking Verse and Prose'.


Working towards a LAMDA qualification helps learners of all ages and abilities to build invaluable skills for life. Communication and creativity are at the heart of all subjects, and learners are encouraged to develop a variety of skills around these themes. 

Private Tuition 

Cumbria Curtain Call offers more personalised LAMDA exam tuition and coaching to individual and duo learners. Private lessons enable us to more effectively tailor our teaching approaches to each individual learner's needs and support them to achieve their full potential. We are able to offer these lessons year round and, subject to availability, at a time to suit the individual. 


We strive to keep the learning experience individual, fun, creative and interactive through all our class, workshop and course types, but private tuition can allow us to take this the extra mile. 

We are proud to be able to offer private tuition and coaching in the following LAMDA subject areas for those preparing for individual or duo exams:


*Speaking Verse & Prose

*Musical Theatre

*Speaking in Public

We also tutor more advanced learners for PCertLAM qualifications.



















LAMDA Group Class Tuition

We incorporate the the LAMDA Acting and Speaking in Public exam syllabus into a number of our classes throughout the year. For example, on select Acting courses and Speak Up! courses. In these instances, LAMDA syllabus will be used along side our own the throughout the course and, therefore, each individual will be prepared to for a graded LAMDA exam (either as an individual or duo) as part of the course and given the opportunity to take it if they wish to.


Unfortunately, although they are all also very popular subjects for our private students, we are not currently able to offer coaching for Speaking Verse and Prose, Musical Theatre or Shakespeare exams within our group class programme. We do however offer private tuition (for individual or duo learners) in these as, described above, so please do                  if this is something you are interested in.


External Organisations, Schools or Independent Groups

Introductory exam preparation and group exam preparation is also available for outside organisations, schools or independent groups upon request. To find out more, please



"Cumbria Curtain Call has been brilliant! Incredibly helpful, engaging and reliable. Grace is a superstar who always goes above and beyond and has made every lesson fun and educational at the same time"

Jamie, 19, Student 

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